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Tattoos have been around for decades. People will pay a great deal of money to get a tattoo. It appears the popularity of tattoos never seems to diminish. Some people get tattoos of famous people on their arms, shoulders, and other parts of the body.

There are some very fine tattoo parlors within the Las Vegas area. However, perhaps one of the best tattoo parlors within the Las Vegas area is the “Skin Factory Tattoo”. The Skin Factory Tattoo is located at 3130 East Sunset Road in the heart of Las Vegas. The Skin Factory has been in business since early 1995. The tattoo specialists pride themselves in creating a distinctive work of art for each and every client that walks through their door.

The Skin Factory offers various tattoo styles and types. The Skin Factory uses American Traditional, Photo Realism, Celtic, Watercolor, and Polynesian style tattoos. The Skin Factory attempts to create a tattoo that the customer will cherish for many years to come. A tattoo essentially becomes a part of a person’s life. Therefore, each tattoo must be done with utmost care and professionalism.

The Skin Factory has two top-notch tattoo artists on site. Eric Zack and Frank Marco are two of the most skilled tattoo artists within the entire Las Vegas area. Eric Zack and Frank Marco specialize in the fine art of tattooing as well as body piercing.

The Skin Factory has an assortment of over 200 exotic and popular tattoo figures on display in their main showroom. In addition, The Skin Factory uses the most sterile techniques when creating one of its tattoo creations. Clients can feel confident that they are in the best of hands when getting a tattoo of their choice permanently placed on their body. Sterile needles are always used and customers experience no pain during the procedure. The Skin Factory has created a very warm and welcoming atmosphere for its clients.

Some clients are apprehensive especially if they are getting their very first tattoo. However, Eric Zack and Frank Marco quickly alleviate any nervousness or apprehension through their warm and friendly demeanor.

Many locals proudly display the professional art of The Skin Factory. There are a number of reasons that a person makes the decision to get a tattoo. For example, some may receive tattoos simply for the fun of it. In addition, some may elect to get a tattoo as a keepsake or remembrance of a departed loved one or even a departed family pet.

Deciding to get a tattoo is a very personal choice. Actually, many people that elect to get tattoos don’t even spread the word to others that they have a tattoo. It appears that a tattoo gives a person some level of satisfaction or fulfillment.

Prior to receiving a tattoo, the specialists at the Skin Factory will speak to the person in great detail before starting any work in creating their tattoo of choice. Eric Zack and Frank Marco want to make certain that the client has no reservations about getting a tattoo. Therefore, the customer has ample time to think about their decision to get a tattoo. If the customer does change their mind then they are free to back out and there is no charge involved.

The Skin Factory will also design and create personalized tattoos. Essentially, the customer would meet with either Eric or Frank to first discuss exactly what they had in mind as far as creating a unique and possibly unusual tattoo. It may take anywhere from a few days up to one week to create a special order tattoo.

A special order tattoo must first be sketched and then colored. Most of the initial sketching and coloring are done on regular sketch paper. Once the tattoo is completed it is presented to the customer for approval. At the time the tattoo is presented to the customer any additions or modifications can certainly be made. Once any additions or changes are made to the original tattoo draft the next step or visit is to begin work on the specialized tattoo.

Keep in mind most tattoos can not be completed in one session. However, it may take several visits to the Skin Factory before the tattoo is considered complete. The initial or first appointment involves imprinting the arm or part of the body where the tattoo will be made. Once an initial imprint of the tattoo is made it must then be made permanent by using a special sterile needle and special coloring dye.

Some minimal bleeding may occur when the permanent tattoo is being applied. However, there is little pain involved possibly a tiny pinching sensation. The tattoo specialist will let the customer know when they need to return to continue with the creation of their masterpiece tattoo.

Eric Zack and Frank Marco offer competitive pricing. However, all prices will be discussed well in advance. The Skin Factory will do its best to work out an acceptable price for its client. Keep in mind tattoos can be costly depending upon exactly what the client is seeking.

The Skin Factory Tattoo Parlor also has a second location in Henderson Nevada. If you are seeking real professionalism and expert services look no further than the Skin Factory Tattoo Parlor. Eric Zack and Frank Marco are two of the top tattoo artists in all of Las Vegas.

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