Top Five of the Most Famous Tattoo Artist

Unlike in the past when people with tattoos on their bodies were seen as criminals or rebellious, today the world has accepted the art of tattooing. Nowadays people in different careers have tattoos on their bodies, for instance, you are likely to see a pre-school teacher with a tattoo on her ankle. You cannot ignore the fact that tattoo art is becoming part of contemporary art each day. This is shown by the millions of people following famous tattooists on Instagram and their TV shows. Also, the stigma that was associated with tattoos in the workplace has evaporated in a big percentage. Now let’s take a look at the five most famous tattoo artists.
Scott Campbell- Tattoo Artist of Celebrities

Scott Campbell was born in Louisiana, in the world of tattooing, Campbell is regarded as one of the best tattooists in the industry. Scott mastered the craft at Picture Machine, Picture Machine is located in California and is one of the oldest shops. Scott is the owner of Saved Tattoo which is very famous and it’s located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A musician such as Courtney Love, Sting, fashion designer Marc Jacobs and actors such as Penelope Cruz, Orlando Bloom, Robert Downey, and the late Heath Ledger are some of his elite clients just to name a few. He did the Medium of Sculpture which was made from US currency. After being in maximum security Mexico City Prison for one and half months, he was inspired to do the Water Paintings. He also did the Graphite Drawing where he used the inside part of the eggshells to make it. The three jobs has helped Scott Campbell get acclaim in the fine art industry.

Don Ed Hardy – The Godfather of Modern Tattoo

For many years Don Ed Hardy worked as an apprentice of sailor jerry. He was taught the Japanese classical tattoo by Horihide who was a master artist, after Hardy was done with the studies, he started incorporating the style used by the Japanese with his own art. Hardy and his wife came up with Hardy Marks Publication, their publication published books that speak more about alternative art, an example of these books is the Tattoo Time. Don Ed Hardy also owns the Ed Hardy clothing line and through his Tattoo City studio in San Francisco, he is able to mentor the new tattoo artists. Currently Hardy has retired from tattooing, however, his son Doug Hardy is a well-known tattoo artist.

Dr. Woo – The Inkers of the Stars

His official name is Brian Woo but people mostly call him Dr. Woo, his work has been recognized in many parts of the world and that is why he is among the most sought tattoo artists by celebrities. Those people who get a chance with Dr. Woo do consider themselves lucky since his waiting list can at times be more than a year. Also, most people who get a chance with popular artists are celebrities. He has remained this famous for long because of his single-needle grey and black tattoos. Dr. Woo has dealt with clients such as Elli Goulding, Zoe Kravitz, and the rapper Drake. According to GQ Magazine, he is the most sought tattoo artist in the world. Dr. Woo works in Shamrock Social Club which is located in Hollywood.

Paul Booth.

The American tattoo artist has managed to make a name for himself due to his mastery in white and black imagery, Paul Booth is a leader in this field that why most rock stars and other celebrities from different fields are so interested in his work. Paul Booth has served influential people such as Slipknot, Mudvayne, band members from Slayer, Sepultura, and Soulfly. The famous tattoo artist is also known for creating the Art Fusion Experiment, a place where tattoo artists can come together and share ideas and as a result come up with excellent artwork. He also owns and runs the Last Rite Tattoo Theater which is located in New York. He is a role model and a mentor to many upcoming tattoo artist since most of them draw their inspiration from his work.

Kat Von D-The Leading Lady of the Tattoo Artists

Many people came to know of Kat Von D when she appeared on the reality TV show LA Ink. Due to her excellent work in tattooing and of course her fame, she is considered one of the leading women in the tattooing industry. Kat Von D has dealt with clients such as Lady Gaga, Soulja Boy, Dave Navarro, and Ville Valo. She is also known for creating Musink Tattoo Convention and Music Festival and owns and runs the High Voltage Tattoo Studio but due to her high number of clients, she is currently not accepting new requests.

Wes Lang-Adored by Kanye
Wes Lang is a self-taught tattoo artist from New Jersey, his tattooing art was influenced by tattoo artists such as Philip Guston, Martin Kippenberger, and CY Twombly while he was working in a tattoo shop. Wes Lang has dealt with clients such as Walt Whitman, Ernest Hemingway, Playboy Bunnies, and Snakes. The tattoo artist has also ventured into other industries, for instance, he has a clothing line called Best Wishes. He is also known for designing the merchandise that Kanye West used in his Yeezus Tour. He has also worked with the band Grateful Dead where he designed their big box set.


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