Addicted To The Ink!

I can tell you first and foremost why I am addicted to getting under the gun. Tattoos are not only a way to express yourself and your individuality. The ink seeping into your skin gives you a rush like no other. I guess you can say that they are addictive because your mom doesn’t approve of them as well but to me, that’s just a little bonus. Think about it, if you have ever been to a tattoo parlor, what is the first thing that you do when you walk in? Whoever is in that chair is the center of attention no matter who they are. I have more than my fair share of tattoos and if I had more free time I would be covered in ink I guarantee that. Being that it is 2017 damn near every family has at least one person who is tatted up. This is an understatement because I have at least 5 in my family who have ten or more tattoos. It is an art that very few can master but when it is done properly and efficiently it is probably the most intriguing job in the world. I know people from all walks of life that share the same addiction to tattoos that I have. The sound of the gun buzzing and the feel of the vibration against my bare skin gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Yeah, I’m so addicted to tattoos that I’m going to go home one night, and my family and friends are going to be sitting in a circle with letters that they wrote the night before. I would like to say that I am not the only one who feels this way but there are no official statistics to prove my theory. I personally started off with my initials down my forearm when I was only 17 years old. Then 9 months later I was getting my other arm marked. Before I knew it I was in the shop every other month plotting on my next piece. Yeah, I said it I piece my ink together and incorporate things that are meaningful to me. I have flowers tattooed on my left arm to symbolize all of the important women in my life. My mother my two sisters my grandmother and my girl. I have only one name beside my own and let me tell ya, stay away from the names because remember they are permanent. I can speak for many when I say that there is no feeling in this world like the one when you figure out what your next tattoo is. I love the anticipation that comes with the addiction of getting more and more tattoos. From the moment you realize what is going to be permanently etched into your skin either your nerves are about the shot or you a trooper and ready for whatever. I have talked to several other people who have multiple tattoos and all of them gave me a different answer. One loved the process another liked the after-effect of the finished product. The art of it was another answer while I agreed with all three I still looked at it in a different sense.
The mere fact that you will have the tattoo for the rest of your life is somewhat an addiction in its own realm. Yes, that is a major factor in my decision processing when it’s time for me to get some more work done. Yall might think that I’m crazy but I even enjoy the part when the artist has to rub the excess ink and blood off. Yeah, it burns like a wildfire but I don’t mind it at all. No pain no gain. Another way tattoos are addicting is when you have someone in competition with you and try to one-up you at all times. Of course, you can’t let them win so you are already plotting on your next piece of work. I for one am also a huge fan of the very first time I got a tattoo. Yeah, I was a total nervous wreck and I couldn’t wait for the whole ordeal to be over with but at the same time, I couldn’t wait to get another one done. The main reason I am addicted to tattoos is the way other people look at me whenever I walk into a public place or even a crowded room. It’s like the music just stops and I am the center of attention. That feeling is absolutely priceless and it is well worth the initial pain that I had to endure in the beginning. It doesn’t matter what your reason is for being addicted to tattoos we are all right. We have the freedom to choose what we put on our bodies and if the ink is involved then so be it. That’s why tattoos are addictive.

Top Five of the Most Famous Tattoo Artist

Unlike in the past when people with tattoos on their bodies were seen as criminals or rebellious, today the world has accepted the art of tattooing. Nowadays people in different careers have tattoos on their bodies, for instance, you are likely to see a pre-school teacher with a tattoo on her ankle. You cannot ignore the fact that tattoo art is becoming part of contemporary art each day. This is shown by the millions of people following famous tattooists on Instagram and their TV shows. Also, the stigma that was associated with tattoos in the workplace has evaporated in a big percentage. Now let’s take a look at the five most famous tattoo artists.
Scott Campbell- Tattoo Artist of Celebrities

Scott Campbell was born in Louisiana, in the world of tattooing, Campbell is regarded as one of the best tattooists in the industry. Scott mastered the craft at Picture Machine, Picture Machine is located in California and is one of the oldest shops. Scott is the owner of Saved Tattoo which is very famous and it’s located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A musician such as Courtney Love, Sting, fashion designer Marc Jacobs and actors such as Penelope Cruz, Orlando Bloom, Robert Downey, and the late Heath Ledger are some of his elite clients just to name a few. He did the Medium of Sculpture which was made from US currency. After being in maximum security Mexico City Prison for one and half months, he was inspired to do the Water Paintings. He also did the Graphite Drawing where he used the inside part of the eggshells to make it. The three jobs has helped Scott Campbell get acclaim in the fine art industry.

Don Ed Hardy – The Godfather of Modern Tattoo

For many years Don Ed Hardy worked as an apprentice of sailor jerry. He was taught the Japanese classical tattoo by Horihide who was a master artist, after Hardy was done with the studies, he started incorporating the style used by the Japanese with his own art. Hardy and his wife came up with Hardy Marks Publication, their publication published books that speak more about alternative art, an example of these books is the Tattoo Time. Don Ed Hardy also owns the Ed Hardy clothing line and through his Tattoo City studio in San Francisco, he is able to mentor the new tattoo artists. Currently Hardy has retired from tattooing, however, his son Doug Hardy is a well-known tattoo artist.

Dr. Woo – The Inkers of the Stars

His official name is Brian Woo but people mostly call him Dr. Woo, his work has been recognized in many parts of the world and that is why he is among the most sought tattoo artists by celebrities. Those people who get a chance with Dr. Woo do consider themselves lucky since his waiting list can at times be more than a year. Also, most people who get a chance with popular artists are celebrities. He has remained this famous for long because of his single-needle grey and black tattoos. Dr. Woo has dealt with clients such as Elli Goulding, Zoe Kravitz, and the rapper Drake. According to GQ Magazine, he is the most sought tattoo artist in the world. Dr. Woo works in Shamrock Social Club which is located in Hollywood.

Paul Booth.

The American tattoo artist has managed to make a name for himself due to his mastery in white and black imagery, Paul Booth is a leader in this field that why most rock stars and other celebrities from different fields are so interested in his work. Paul Booth has served influential people such as Slipknot, Mudvayne, band members from Slayer, Sepultura, and Soulfly. The famous tattoo artist is also known for creating the Art Fusion Experiment, a place where tattoo artists can come together and share ideas and as a result come up with excellent artwork. He also owns and runs the Last Rite Tattoo Theater which is located in New York. He is a role model and a mentor to many upcoming tattoo artist since most of them draw their inspiration from his work.

Kat Von D-The Leading Lady of the Tattoo Artists

Many people came to know of Kat Von D when she appeared on the reality TV show LA Ink. Due to her excellent work in tattooing and of course her fame, she is considered one of the leading women in the tattooing industry. Kat Von D has dealt with clients such as Lady Gaga, Soulja Boy, Dave Navarro, and Ville Valo. She is also known for creating Musink Tattoo Convention and Music Festival and owns and runs the High Voltage Tattoo Studio but due to her high number of clients, she is currently not accepting new requests.

Wes Lang-Adored by Kanye
Wes Lang is a self-taught tattoo artist from New Jersey, his tattooing art was influenced by tattoo artists such as Philip Guston, Martin Kippenberger, and CY Twombly while he was working in a tattoo shop. Wes Lang has dealt with clients such as Walt Whitman, Ernest Hemingway, Playboy Bunnies, and Snakes. The tattoo artist has also ventured into other industries, for instance, he has a clothing line called Best Wishes. He is also known for designing the merchandise that Kanye West used in his Yeezus Tour. He has also worked with the band Grateful Dead where he designed their big box set.


Top Tattoo Artist Las Vegas

Tattoos have been around for decades. People will pay a great deal of money to get a tattoo. It appears the popularity of tattoos never seems to diminish. Some people get tattoos of famous people on their arms, shoulders, and other parts of the body.

There are some very fine tattoo parlors within the Las Vegas area. However, perhaps one of the best tattoo parlors within the Las Vegas area is the “Skin Factory Tattoo”. The Skin Factory Tattoo is located at 3130 East Sunset Road in the heart of Las Vegas. The Skin Factory has been in business since early 1995. The tattoo specialists pride themselves in creating a distinctive work of art for each and every client that walks through their door.

The Skin Factory offers various tattoo styles and types. The Skin Factory uses American Traditional, Photo Realism, Celtic, Watercolor, and Polynesian style tattoos. The Skin Factory attempts to create a tattoo that the customer will cherish for many years to come. A tattoo essentially becomes a part of a person’s life. Therefore, each tattoo must be done with utmost care and professionalism.

The Skin Factory has two top-notch tattoo artists on site. Eric Zack and Frank Marco are two of the most skilled tattoo artists within the entire Las Vegas area. Eric Zack and Frank Marco specialize in the fine art of tattooing as well as body piercing.

The Skin Factory has an assortment of over 200 exotic and popular tattoo figures on display in their main showroom. In addition, The Skin Factory uses the most sterile techniques when creating one of its tattoo creations. Clients can feel confident that they are in the best of hands when getting a tattoo of their choice permanently placed on their body. Sterile needles are always used and customers experience no pain during the procedure. The Skin Factory has created a very warm and welcoming atmosphere for its clients.

Some clients are apprehensive especially if they are getting their very first tattoo. However, Eric Zack and Frank Marco quickly alleviate any nervousness or apprehension through their warm and friendly demeanor.

Many locals proudly display the professional art of The Skin Factory. There are a number of reasons that a person makes the decision to get a tattoo. For example, some may receive tattoos simply for the fun of it. In addition, some may elect to get a tattoo as a keepsake or remembrance of a departed loved one or even a departed family pet.

Deciding to get a tattoo is a very personal choice. Actually, many people that elect to get tattoos don’t even spread the word to others that they have a tattoo. It appears that a tattoo gives a person some level of satisfaction or fulfillment.

Prior to receiving a tattoo, the specialists at the Skin Factory will speak to the person in great detail before starting any work in creating their tattoo of choice. Eric Zack and Frank Marco want to make certain that the client has no reservations about getting a tattoo. Therefore, the customer has ample time to think about their decision to get a tattoo. If the customer does change their mind then they are free to back out and there is no charge involved.

The Skin Factory will also design and create personalized tattoos. Essentially, the customer would meet with either Eric or Frank to first discuss exactly what they had in mind as far as creating a unique and possibly unusual tattoo. It may take anywhere from a few days up to one week to create a special order tattoo.

A special order tattoo must first be sketched and then colored. Most of the initial sketching and coloring are done on regular sketch paper. Once the tattoo is completed it is presented to the customer for approval. At the time the tattoo is presented to the customer any additions or modifications can certainly be made. Once any additions or changes are made to the original tattoo draft the next step or visit is to begin work on the specialized tattoo.

Keep in mind most tattoos can not be completed in one session. However, it may take several visits to the Skin Factory before the tattoo is considered complete. The initial or first appointment involves imprinting the arm or part of the body where the tattoo will be made. Once an initial imprint of the tattoo is made it must then be made permanent by using a special sterile needle and special coloring dye.

Some minimal bleeding may occur when the permanent tattoo is being applied. However, there is little pain involved possibly a tiny pinching sensation. The tattoo specialist will let the customer know when they need to return to continue with the creation of their masterpiece tattoo.

Eric Zack and Frank Marco offer competitive pricing. However, all prices will be discussed well in advance. The Skin Factory will do its best to work out an acceptable price for its client. Keep in mind tattoos can be costly depending upon exactly what the client is seeking.

The Skin Factory Tattoo Parlor also has a second location in Henderson Nevada. If you are seeking real professionalism and expert services look no further than the Skin Factory Tattoo Parlor. Eric Zack and Frank Marco are two of the top tattoo artists in all of Las Vegas.

Tattoos & Las Vegas Escorts: Escorts in Sin City Examined

There is certainly no shortage of escort services in Las Vegas. People may use escorts for any number of reasons. One thing is for sure, escorts especially males are handsome and very appealing. You throw in a tattoo and these men are downright super sexy. Tattoos can add more sex appeal to someone who is already good-looking and sexually attractive.

It is no secret escorts provide companionship and sexual pleasure. In a way, escort service is like a high-class call girl service. Las Vegas escorts can certainly fulfill a variety of one’s sexual fantasies. The services that these sexy Las Vegas escorts provide are like living a sexual fantasy, like a dirty dream come true.

Escorts in Vegas are readily available and ready to show a new client a very good and unforgettable time. Escorts in Vegas are usually well built, very good-looking, and well experienced in the area of sexual comparability. Clients are normally matched with an escort in which they are compatible.

Escorts in Vegas will pick you up at your front door and show you a night on the town. Of course, a night in the town usually ends with an erotic unforgettable night of passion. Even though the object of an escort is not to fall in love, a client can request the same escort for future dates. Keep in mind, no matter how much fun, excitement, or pleasure you may experience, escort service is a business and money will always be exchanged when the date concludes. Most people on a budget would not be using escort services.

Escorts treat their clients very well. Many times the client receives first-class limousine service, the best restaurants, and of course top-of-line hotel suites. One night on the town can cost a pretty penny. However, most people who use escort services feel that it is well worth the cost. Clients that use escort services are normally not concerned with the money aspect. The client focus is more on a good time not so much on what it will end up costing them.

A lonely woman may request a young sexy male for a good time. Of course, if she is willing to pay whatever the rate happens to be, she may get exactly what she is asking for. Escorts have certain standards and rules that must be followed. For example, they can not become overly aggressive with clients, especially when in an intimate situation.

Escorts will emphasize safe sexual practices. All clients are expected to go along with a reasonable request. Therefore, escort dating can be safe as well as a great deal of fun. Escort services are probably not for people who are looking to meet someone and fall in love. An Escort should make that point very clear to a new or existing client. Things should always be kept on a business level.

As previously mentioned, a well-built escort with a tattoo can be an extremely sexy and unforgettable sight. Simply looking at an escort’s muscular arm with a tattoo can really get a female quite stimulated and ready for some real action. A well-built escort will certainly make for a better sexual relationship. Therefore, most male escorts are conscious of physical fitness which may include diet and exercise.

There are a variety of escorts throughout the Las Vegas area. Escort dating requires a pre-screening process in advance. A screening process actually benefits both parties. The client is given a complete history of their potential date. In addition, a background check and other related checks are done on any potential client. Safety is a priority where escort agencies are concerned.

Some escort services claim that they do not promote nor do they advocate sex. However, most people would agree that the promoting sex claim is completely false. Hooking up with an escort for whatever service they will provide is actually legal. Most Vegas escort services have very little trouble with law enforcement officials.

Most escorts throughout the Las Vegas area actually look like something out of Vogue magazine. No one could ever argue that escort services pick the cream of the crop, the best possible looking escorts that they can possibly find. Of course, the customer pays a hefty price for the cream of the crop. One evening with an escort can run you at least a few thousand dollars plus whatever other expenses arise. For example, if your handsome stud buys flowers for his new date that could be included in the final cost of the evening.

If you are seeking a super sexy escort that will show you the time of your life you may consider one of the many escort agencies in and around Las Vegas Nevada. If everything goes well you may find yourself coming back for more. Las Vegas escorts are ready and waiting for that next call.